How To Quickly Find Your Desired Product?

1.You may provide your samples or drawings and our company will help to find.

2.You may provide part No. of companies like Laird.parker.Chomerics.Technit and Tech-Etch, etc.

3.Check in our product selection manual or product catalog (part No. Of our company has inventory and molds in the selection manual and catalog, and the delivery time is generally less than 7 days).

4.And to confirm: a. length of product; b. whether to electroplate; c. rubberizing and width; e. Estimated quantity

5. BeCu Fingerstock has a strong versatility and you can choose similar part no. of product. we provide free samples for testing.

You can also put forward requirements of your customized product. We will produce the products you need with our existing mold at the lowest cost.

If you need other specifications or have other requirements, please

Excellent Performance Of BeCu Fingerstock &Gasket

1. Excellent shielding efficiency;

2.Excellent resilience: without deformation after being compressed to 70% of the height for 100,000 times;

3. The surface can be plated with Tin. Nickel. Zinc. Gold. Silver and other surface treatment with good corrosion resistance;

4. High compression resistance: enjoys repeated bidirectional compression;

5. Favorable electrical conductivity and ultra-low permeability;

6. Wide adaption range of temperature changes;

7. Various kinds of product fixing ways: 3M tape Pasted, Slot mounted,Clip -On installation, Hook  type, rivet welded type, etc. 

Quick Handmade Samples

1.To meet customers' performance verification of their designed products, our company can make manual samples quickly. Major ways: wire cutting shape + simple mold forming; 

Hand - made sample delivery time: within 7 days

Code Rule Of Metal BeCu Fingerstock


Remark: M represents METAL; B represents BERYLLIUM COPPER

1 represents thick material of product

2 represents thin material of product

XXX represents three part numbers of the product.

AA represents 00, referring to assembly products

01 represents natural color of BeCu after heat treatment

ON represents bright nickel plating

0S represents bright tin plating

0Z  represents bright zinc plating

-0A represents gold plating

-0G represents silver plating

Other kinds of plating need to be specified separately.